TechWyns Camp 2023 is Accepting Proposals for Profit and Pro-Bono Nonprofit Software Solutions

This can also involve co-development partnership opportunities. We connect co-Creators.

Send us a text or call for more info - 4253012760 and enquiries@techwyns.com

    TechWyns Camp is now accepting proposals from Washington-area non-profits who are looking for pro-bono software solutions. In case you are not familiar with us, TechWyns Camp is a “hackathon for wider good,” initiative taking place over a weekend during the summer months (June to September) and during school summer vacations, where programmers, designers, and other software professionals donate their time to create custom software for non-profit organizations (and selected for-profit organizations). This software solution might be a bespoke mobile app, web site, games, desktop app, database or multimedia production or some other piece of software that the end users would like to have coded, designed, updated, or configured. TechWyns Camp 2023 is scheduled from Monday 12th June to Friday September 8th and will be hosted virtually and in-person to accommodate all participants. If your proposal is accepted, that’s when all the magic occurs! A team of software professionals dedicated to your project with a product manager will give their all during TechWyns Camp weekends to take your ideas and make them into a reality for the end users. Minimal POC will be at zero cost to non-profit organization. The process could involve:
  • Envisioning,
  • Architecture Design white boarding Sessions,
  • POC development,
  • MVP rollout,
  • productizing,
  • multi platform testing,
  • Fund round preparation,
  • Marketing,
  • Launch internally and publicly.
  • ..and more.
  And while all the magic will happen that weekends over summer months, a lot of preliminary work must be done before that time,
  • Including raising money from sponsors
  • Buying t-shirts, enrolling volunteers,
  • most importantly, reviewing the proposals to pick the projects that are both.
That’s why it’s important to get your proposal in soon.  

Our submission process is pretty simple:

Send an email to enquiries@techwyns.com with your proposal information including a number of detailed info about your organization and your proposal.

You should spend some time first coming up with a good idea for what you want us to work on. And do realize that while the event is at no cost to you, one of the requirements is that you need to be onsite during the TechWyns Camp event for several hours each day. For-profit and Non-profits are invited to submit proposals. We will send you the rules and guidelines for submitting proposals. Please make sure you read the rules and guidelines completely before you begin! The early bird deadline for proposals is June 4, 2021, but your chances of scoring a slot at TechWyns Camp 2023 are significantly better by getting your proposal in by the early bird deadline.

Prior Non-profit Representatives: Here’s how to thank your team!

There is an easy way you can thank and help the volunteers on your team. Please consider giving your project team recommendations on LinkedIn.

AI and Machine Learning Bootcamp Highlights

TechWyns AI & Machine Learning Bootcamp provides in-depth ML training and certification. This artificial intelligence bootcamp enhances your skills, leading to a promising AI & ML career.

  • Masterclasses delivered by distinguished Caltech instructors
  • Learn from experienced Instructors

    Global AI and ML experts led training with industry-specific cases and applications Live classes on the latest topics such as generative AI, prompt engineering and more
  • Experiential Learning in a Cohort-based Bootcamp

    6 months of applied learning: 25+ hands-on projects with integrated labs Capstone projects in 3 domains to validate your skills.
  • TechWyns Career Service

    Strengthen your resume and get career guidance from industry specialists Attend mock interview sessions to help you ace the hard technical questions

Admission Closes Soon

Career Opportunites After AI and ML Bootcamp

  • Machine Learning EngineerData ScientistAI Engineer
    Machine Learning Engineers design, implement, and deploy ML models to solve business challenges. They collaborate with data scientists to refine algorithms, ensure data quality, and integrate models into production systems. Familiarity with deep learning frameworks is advantageous.
    Average Salaries
    $ 99K - $ 200K
  • Hiring Companies
    Ernst & Young Amazon IBM JP Morgan Chase Microsoft


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Hear it from our Alumni

  • Tony Harlow:

    Tony Harlow: Scrum Master at NYC trendsI was able to keep up and comprehend all the courses presented and learned a bunch about programming in Python along the way. I'm looking forward to having the opportunity to work in the field and learning yet more!
  • Xin Tao:

    Xin Tao: Invoice Report App Developer at DjangoTechWyns AI program is not only easy to follow but the materials are organized. Even a beginner like me was able to grasp the concept and practice with real-world projects. I have grown my portfolio quite a bit since I joined TechWyns . Their affordable fees were also a big bonus for me too.

Program Outcomes

Caltech AI and Machine Learning BootcampTechWyns  AI and Machine Learning Bootcamp
  • Program completion certificate from TechWyns CTME
  • Earn up to 22 CEUs from TechWyns CTME
  • Practical exposure to ChatGPT, explainable AI, and more
  • Rigorous curriculum designed by industry experts

TechWyns  AI and Machine Learning Bootcamp Curriculum

  • TechWyns AIML - Foundations: Mathematics & Statistics Essentials
    This introductory course establishes a fundamental base in mathematical and statistical principles. Its objective is to cultivate critical thinking and problem-solving skills, empowering learners to analyze data, make well-informed decisions, and employ mathematical and statistical techniques in practical scenarios relevant to various industries. This course is the initial step on the program journey.
  • TechWyns AIML - Foundations: Programming Refresher
  • TechWyns AIML - Core: Applied Data Science with Python
  • TechWyns AIML - Core: Machine Learning
  • TechWyns AIML - Core: Deep Learning with Keras and TensorFlow

Skills Covered
  • ChatGPT
  • Computer Vision
  • Deep Learning
  • Ensemble Methods
  • Explainable AI
  • Generative AI
  • Machine Learning Algorithms
  • Model Evaluation and Validation
  • Model Training and Optimization
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Prompt Engineering
  • Reinforcement Learning
  • Speech Recognition
  • Statistics
  • Supervised and Unsupervised Learning

Tools Covered

ChatGPT Dalle.2 Mid-journey python tensorflow keras MatPlotlib NLKT ScikitLearn Open CV NumPy

Industry Projects

  • Project 1


    Develop a food ordering app for an e-commerce company using react-native.