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You might need a Chief Technical Office (CTO) or a Chief Architect (CA), and not even realize it. And wouldn’t it be great if that CTO could write code, and help you develop your product and have the “chops” to face off with your existing developers?

Here are some of the ways that CaaS could help you.

  • Vision: Helping you realize your vision by helping to assemble a development team and leading them to develop a product
  • Innovation: Taking an existing product and helping to move it to the future state
  • Opinions: Assessment of your current applications and development organization
  • Confidence: Meeting with investors. Often times, an investor will be more comfortable knowing that there is someone with a lot of senior-level experience behind the scene.
  • Design: Architecting and designing systems, especially cloud-based systems
  • Refactoring: Transforming your system into microservices
  • Hacking: Writing production-quality code
  • Documentation: Writing technical roadmaps and white papers
  • Faceoffs: Performing product evaluations
  • Due Diligence: Vetting vendors, and facing off with CEO’s, CTO’s and Chief Architects from other organizations


Key Expertise we can offer

DB/Big Data: NoSQL/SQL,MongoDB/Big data, Hive, Mapreduce, Kafka, Storm, MariaDb, PostgreS, MySQL; CORBA


Scripting: Perl/Python/Powershell/Groovy/Ruby |  ML/BI Tools: Qlikview11, Jasper reports, PowerBI, SciKit


Graphics: Photoshop, Quark, Director; final cut pro| Biostatistics: SPSS, ELISA, GLP/ GCP envi 


Cloud: Azure, Google,Vsphere/ESX, SCVMM, Openstack, Oracle, AWS | Containers: Docker, Vagrant, Nomad, K8


OS: Windows 2012/2016 | Unix/Linux: Centos 7, RHEL, Ubuntu, Linux, Mac | Analytics: Adobe omniture, tableau


Containers: Docker/ kubernetes/ Microservices/ Vagrant |  Patching/Compliance:  Foreman,  Spacewalk, SCCM


SCM: Github, Perforce, Subversion, Starteam, CVS | CM: Chef, Salt, Puppet/hiera, Ansible, Fabric, CFEngine, Cobbler


Caching: Ehcache with Terracotta, Hazelcast, Coherence, Redis, Couchbase, Memcache/Elasticache


CICD/Orchestration: TFS, Jenkins, Teamcity, DeployIT,, Octopus, Rundeck, Anthillpro, Maven,


IDE: Visual Studio, Eclipse, Intellij, TOAD |  Code analysis:  Sonarqube | ALM: JIRA, Silktest, Mingle, mingle, Trello


Test Tools: JUnit, Mockito, Jmeter, Cucumber, Webdriver, labrun| Perf:pagespeed, LoadRunner, Selenium,Grinder                                                    


Web Tech: HTML, AJAX, JavaScript, Jquery, Json, Angular, Xml, JAXB, SOAP, REST, RMI, EJB, Swing, AWT, JSF


Monitoring: Zipkin, Catchpoint, Zabbix, Icinga, Graphite, ElasticSearch(ELK), Grafana,Sensu| Logging: Splunk, logstash


App Servers: Apache web, IIS, Tomcat7,  Websphere7, Weblogic10.1, JBoss,Nginx+, Varnish, SAP, Lighttpd


Frameworks: Spring MVC, Hibernate, Spring, J2EE, Servlets, JSP, JDBC, JTA, Java Swing, JMS, LINQ, Ada95, C/C++, JAVA, Servlet, VB, HTML, JavaScript | Design: Figma,, Invision


Oracle Fusion:  Java,RMI,  Scala, SOAP, EJB,Servlets, JSF, Spring, Hibernate, DropWizard| Tools: Kickbox, responsys


Networking/Load balancer: Netscaler, F5, ELB, TCP/IP, SSL, SMS, SMTP, ACE, UDP, Mashery API gateway


CRM:  PeopleSoft, Amdocs | CASE tools: Select SSADM, SEERS, SIMULINK Artisan UML| Salesforce certified developers


Ø Certificates:AWS architect certificate, Chef certificate, RedHat Certified Engineer, Agile/PRINCE 2, ISO 90003, Advanced Azure, AWS and Salesforce certificates.



The benefits of TechWyns AI-as-a-service (AIaaS) & MLaaS platforms

Your company can execute AI at a reasonable cost using the AIaaS delivery model without having to develop or maintain a single AI project.
Our AIaaS platforms enable organizations to build customized AI services that are adaptable, scalable and simple to use.

The following are additional benefits of TechWyns AIaaS systems:

  • Quick deployment. AIaaS is one of the quickest ways to introduce AI to an organization. It's easy to install and set up. Because there are a variety of AI use cases, it isn't always feasible for a business to create and maintain an AI tool for each one. Customizable options are especially useful, as organizations can deploy AI services quickly and tweak them according to their business needs and constraints.
  • Low- to no-code skills required. AIaaS can be used even if a company lacks an in-house AI developer or programmer. All that's required is a layer of no-code infrastructure in the enterprise, as generally no coding or technical expertise is needed during the setup process.
  • Cost-savings. Saving money is the main factor influencing the expansion of AIaaS in the IT industry. AIaaS is cost-effective for businesses because they only pay for usage and AI functionality and don't need to make sizable upfront investments.
  • Price transparency. In addition to reducing non-value-added labor, AIaaS also offers access to AI with a high level of transparency with service fees. Because most AIaaS pricing structures are based on consumption, businesses only pay for the AI technologies they use.
  • Scalability. AIaaS is well-suited for companies looking to scale. It's ideal for tasks that don't add significant value yet need some level of cognitive judgment. Because AIaaS employs industrial automation to complete simple tasks without requiring human intervention, team members have more time to focus on other tasks.


What are the challenges of AIaaS?

  • Price. Purchasing the required hardware and software to start a private cloud computing AI is costly. Add staffing and maintenance costs, as well as needed hardware changes for different tasks, and AIaaS becomes cost prohibitive for many organizations.
  • Transparency. The majority of AIaaS platforms provide users access to the provider's services but offer little to no transparency into their internal operations.
  • Security. Data security is a major concern with AIaaS, as data is the basis of AI and businesses must share data with outside vendors. However, data masking and other privacy-enhancing techniques are designed to safeguard an organization's data.
  • Data governance. Businesses must tightly enforce limits on cloud data storage in highly regulated industries. For example, organizations in the banking and healthcare sectors might find AIaaS challenging to use because they could encounter restrictions such as limitations on how data can be stored, shared and used in the AIaaS platform.


Types of AIaaS provided by TechWyns

Different AI provider platforms offer several styles of machine learning and AI. These variations can be suited to an organization's AI needs, because they need to evaluate features and pricing to see what works for them. Cloud AI service providers can offer the specialized hardware needed for some AI tasks, such as GPU-based processing for intensive workloads.



The following are some popular types of AIaaS:

  • Bots. Bots and chatbots are widely employed across all industries. They use NLP to mimic real human speech and are generally used in customer service to provide relevant answers to customers' most frequent queries. Companies save time and resources by responding around the clock and enabling employees to focus on more challenging tasks. A study conducted by AI provider Tidio found that 62% of consumers would rather use a customer service chatbot than wait for human agents to respond to their inquiries.
  • Machine learning. Businesses use ML to investigate and identify trends in their data, make predictions and learn as they go. This data processing technique is intended to run with little or no human intervention, empowering businesses to employ AIaaS without specialist technical skills. ML comes in a variety of options, from pretrained models to models designed for a particular use case.


  • Application programming interfaces (APIs).An API is a software bridge that enables communication between two applications. An example of this is a third-party airline booking website -- such as Expedia, Kayak or CheapOair -- that uses information from several airline databases to display all of their deals in one convenient location. Other common uses for APIs include machine vision, conversational AIand NLP applications such as urgency detection or sentiment analysis.


  • Data labeling. Data labeling is the process of annotating huge amounts of data to efficiently arrange it. It has numerous uses, such as guaranteeing data quality, categorizing data according to size and creating AI. The data is labeled using human-in-the-loop machine learning, which enables both humans and machines to interact continuously and makes it easy for AI to evaluate the data in the future.

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Move faster with your business.

A chief technology officer helps you to make better decisions about the tech stack, avoid aberrated costs, and deliver the product to the market fastly. For startups and small businesses, it might be a challenge to afford professional CTO as a service. However, with a third-party CTO, they can benefit from this type of service, working by a model that is the most convenient.



Types of CTO as a service




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Drag and Drop Website Builder

State of the art, modern templates

  • 70 templates across a range of different categories

  • Bold, unique and modern designs optimized for all devices

  • Easily customizable, down to the nitty-gritty of CSS editing

One of the best options for getting a beautiful website with little hassle

  • Tons of integrated features rather than plugins to install

  • 24/7 support with one-hour email response

  • POS integration for Commerce App

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Include All Essential Installation Tools

Create, Manage & Grow Your Site

  • Customizable for total design freedom

  • Analytics to make data-based decisions

  • Social & marketing tools to drive engagement

Establish Your Online Presence

  • Custom domain names for your brand

  • Mobile optimization - great for any device

  • Built-in SEO tools to boost your traffic

Choose from Free or Premium Options

  • Free access to 1000s of tools & features

  • Premium Plans starting at $8.50/mo

  • Upgrades for business & eComm essentials

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BASIC: $269/ month

Up to 3 Hours

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STANDARD: $719/ month

Up to 8 Hours

Priority Email Support

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PREMIUM: $1799+/ month

Up to 15-20 Hours

Real-time Slack Support

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ULTIMATE:  $3599+/ month 

Up to 30-40 Hours

On-call Support

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What we offer with Software CTO as a service?

You only pay for the services you use

A basic tenet about using Cloud Computing is that you pay for what you use. If you just need a little bit of computing power, then you only pay for the actual services that you use. If you are a business whose busy period comes several times a year, then you pay for a lot of computing power only during those times, and the rest of the year, you only pay to “keep the lights on”.

Just like working with Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure or Google Compute Cloud, you only pay CTO as a Service for the time you use us. Unlike engaging a major IT consulting firm, there are no long-term contracts that you get locked into. If you need us to work with us for 20 hours a week, then that’s what you pay for. If you want to keep us on a monthly retainer to meet with your development team once a week, then that’s all you pay for. If you need to bring us to a meeting with investors, then you just pay us for the meeting. And, if you want to engage us more, then you just have to pay for those increased hours. In this way, you can think of CaaS as you think of your lawyer or accountant.

Benefits of CTO as a service



Why should startups consider the CTO as a Service model?

In our experience, we’ve seen founders who disregard any collaborations in the initial stages of their business. This is a common misconception that costs startups a lot of money that be otherwise invested wisely.

Specifically, we are talking about the Research and MVP development stage, basically, the most important aspects that lead to product-market fit.

Thus, the CTO as a Service model implies that you will work with an Agile team that is already used to collaborating and has countless years of experience in launching, scaling and even pivoting web and mobile products.

This team will support you in addressing tech-related situations while aiming to achieve business performance growth by eliminating unnecessary risks and ensuring the budget is spent efficiently.

Overseeing the latest trends in the industry, just like a full time CTO, a consulting CTO will also guide your company towards staying relevant and constantly delivering value to its customers.

Now in terms of cost, you will find that, unlike hiring a single professional, CTO as a Service might seem more expensive. The reason being launching a collaboration with an entire team of developers, QA engineers, and designers led by a technical & business-minded engineer.

However, in the long run, this will only prove to be a cost-effective decision when looking at the output that such team can bring to your product development in terms of quality and resources spent.


benefits of an external CTO